Subdivision for Sale

Located in Ontario

New subdivision of 63 building lots 66' x 124'

Zoned residential.

Ideal for community living. All services such as water, sewer, natural gas, hydro on the property.

Located in the city of Temiskaming Shores. 320 miles north of Toronto off Highway 11, on Highway 11B.

Great place to live. Hospital, schools and college with university nearby. Great beach, ski resort, many churches, stores, etc.

Contact owner for asking price.

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This 22 acre field below is now a full registered subdivision. See below for the full engineered plan of the subdivision.

Looking back today, June 2015 at a magnificent piece of land fronting Lakeview Avenue to the North and Groom Drive to the South, North Cobalt. The possibilities of having a dream come true. New Affordable Housing for people who need to downgrade due to their home being too spacious, too many stairs, maintaining cost, property taxes, utility costs, plus so many more reasons.

Also, the second reason, was to see first time buyers in a new home at an affordable price, free of unforeseen repairs for many years to come. They can stay within their budget with affordable monthly payments and since the home is well built, with proper insulation and natural gas geating, their dream can also come true.

It was nice to see the first two homes arrive on Lakeview Avenue, especially after a muddy time of installing sewer, water, natural gas, driveways, culvert, etc. Seven lots sold on Lakeview, completely serviced with city sewer, water, natural gas, driveway. It's for sale at $24,500 - Ready to Build. Lot size 66' x 118'.

Great project for Phase 3 on Balsam Street where there are 7 lots together. Could be a town house for rent or sale. This development is ideal for home builders or general construction entrepreneurs.

I'm just a phone call or email away - Call or email to say you're on your way!!
- Eveline